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Sponsorship and support of the Daffodil Theatre Awards.
We are aware that a denial of service attack on our systems has been inaccurately reported in the press.
In a press conference, hosted at the British Library, the government has announced its acceptance of the findings of the Hargreaves report and has released its plans to revise intellectual property legislation.
It has been brought to our attention that there are a number of scam letters circulating at the moment threatening legal action that claim to have been sent by the UKCS.
Previously we applied charges to clients submitting online where they uploaded more than 10MB in a submission.
Following on from the UK government’s acceptance of the Hargreaves report (which we commented on in August 2011), the proposed changes are now part of UK law.
The new site is designed to be more accessible and mobile device friendly.
What changes will Brexit bring to UK copyright law at the end of the transition period.
If you are worried about expiring registrations and need more time to pay for your renewal, please get in touch - we will be happy to wait a bit longer.
We have just published two new fact sheets covering video copyright. One deals with copyright and legal issues affecting filmmakers, the other specifically looks at YouTube and its infringement policies.
We have just added a guide explaining how to add a semi-transparent watermark / copyright notice to photos and other images.
Announcing the release of a new ‘how to’ page dealing at company logos, looking a logos from creation to long term protection. Hopefully this will be helpful to new companies and people looking to set up a new business.
New page: How to create ZIP files. If you have a lot of files to upload then we recommend creating a zip archive containing all the files.
Our latest article 'A brief history of copyright' looks at the origins of copyright. From its roots in Greek, Roman and Jewish cultures, through the rise of movable type and the spread of the printing press, and up to the adoption of international conventions harmonising protection between countries.
Our updated fact sheet for photographers explains copyright ownership and registration, the importance of contracts, the use of copyright notices and model release forms.
Royal Mail has temporarily suspended all mail services to Europe, with the exception of the Republic of Ireland. We are keeping the situation under close and constant review.
Royal Mail have advised that services to Europe have been reopened and are now fully operational.
Our latest fact sheet discusses copyright registration of music, songs and sound recordings and has some advice to save money.
Our latest fact sheet looks at registering scientific papers, and other research documents.
Current status and measures taken in relation of the COVID-19 virus outbreak.
Article explaining how licensing and royalties work.
Christmas & New Year working hours, processing times and postal delivery dates.
Article looking at the role and evolution of copyright registration in the UK.
Monday September 19th 2022 is the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II and has been declared a bank holiday in the UK. We will be on reduce staffing on that day, but will try to keep on top of customer submissions and enquiries as far as possible.
Royal Mail is expecting strikes by postal staff on 30 September and 1 October 2022. This may adversely affect delivery times and reliability of postal deliveries.
Unfortunately there is additional strike action planned by Royal Mail staff between now and Christmas. This will inevitably lead to postal delays and lost mail. We ask for your patience and understanding during this period and advise using online services instead where possible.
New page: How to create TAR files. If you have a lot of files to upload then we recommend creating a zip or tar archive containing all the files. Users of Unix base operating systems such as Mac and Linux, tar or tar/gzip may be a more familiar archive format than zip.
We are pleased to anounce the launch of our new and improved file uploader for online copyright registrations and registration updates.
We have been alerted to a number of scam emails claiming to be from us about infringement claims. If you have received a suspicious email, do not download/open any links within it.
We have updated the way we produce duplicate works. All duplicate works now include a verifiable digitally signed manifest to allow more thorough independent verification. We have also added a digital download option that can be used instead/as well as the traditional postal delivery methods.
We are aware of a number of recent denial of service attacks targeting our systems. We apologise for any site outages during recent days, and have increased system capacity and added additional services to hopefully avoid future issues.
Our Cheltenham base is moving to a new location this month.
We have just added a guide on how to write cease and desist letters for copyright infringement. The guide includes example letters that you can adapt for your own purposes.
Our main registration forms have recently been updated to provide better support for mobile devices.
This month we are upgrading network connections at our Oxfordshire based Didcot office. This should provide additional upload capacity for our clients. There may be some short term issues as we move things over, but we will be staggering the migration and diverting customers to or Cheltenham facility to keep the change over as smooth as possible.
Network updates at our Oxfordshire site are now complete.
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