3rd Aug 2012

Warning - faked letters claiming to come from UKCS

It has been brought to our attention that there are a number of scam letters circulating at the moment threatening legal action that claim to have been sent by the UKCS.

The letters, which claim to be from ‘Mike Rowley, Head of Brand Protection and Corporate Security, UKCS’ (an employee and post that does not exist at UKCS) claims that the intellectual property rights of the owners of certain brands (HIT Entertainment, BBC, Warner Brothers, Disney, etc.) have be breached and threatens legal action including fines of up to £75,000 and 3 years imprisonment per offence.

View a copy of the FAKE letter

If you have received a letter like this, it is a fake and did not originate from UKCS.

We have reported this incident to the Police ourselves. If you wish to report a similar letter to the Police, our URN with Thames Valley Police is ‘URN 269 3rd August 2012’. Quoting this reference should enable the Police to correlate your report to the existing incident report.

As the time of writing, this letter does not demand money, but as this appears to be some form of scam, that would be the logical next step. If you receive a follow up letter demanding money, please report it to the Police immediately.

If you have received a letter that you suspect is fraudulent and part of this scam, please email a scanned copy to us at our  address if you are able to do so to assist in our enquiries.