Transfer a registration

This form is used to effect a change of registration details regarding the transferal of copyright ownership.

If you are transferring more than one work between the same parties, please use the PDF form.

When to use this form

This form is used when the UK Copyright Service account holder has sold, given or otherwise transferred their copyright of a registered work to a new owner. It should be completed after or during the sale or transfer of the copyright.

It may also be used to transfer a deceased author’s registration to their next of kin where the copyright has been inherited.

By transferring the registration to the new owner, the new owner can benefit from the protection that registration provides without the need for re-registration or any lapse in cover. It also ensures that the original date of registration is preserved as evidence.

How to use this form

1 Complete the form on-screen

2 Confirm your details & print the form

3 Sign and date the completed form

The form must be signed by the account holder (or authorised agent).

Send the completed form, a copy of your updated work, and payment to:

UK Copyright Service - Registration Services
4 Tavistock Avenue
OX11 8NA
United Kingdom

Complete the form now


The current charge for registration transfers is £20.00.

Additional paper certificates may also be ordered by the new owner at this point for £2.50 each (1 paper certificate is included in the transfer fee).

Please make cheques/postal orders/international money orders for UK Pounds Sterling (GBP), and made payable to ‘Copyright Witness Ltd’.

All charges are in UK Pounds Sterling (GBP). All charges include VAT.

We accept most major credit/debit cards, and all personal details are 100% secure.


For security reasons, we will disregard any correspondence that does not state a valid account number, or where the stated account holder details differ from our records.

The transfer of registration for an inherited work to the next kin will be free of charge, but we will require a copy of the death certificate to process the change.

This form should be completed and printed online. For completion by hand it is also available as a PDF form

If you are transferring more than one work between the same parties, please use the PDF form.

If the new owner does not already have an account with the UK Copyright Service one will automatically be set up as part of the transferal process.

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