24th November 2022

New & improved file uploader

Uploading your workWe are pleased to announce the launch of our new and improved file uploader for online copyright registrations and registration updates.

The file uploader is a key part of the online registration system, allowing clients to submit files they are trying to protect via our website. Those files are then sealed and secured as evidence of the exact content of the copyright work as it existed at that point in time.

The new CSPA file uploader brings several benefits and improvements over our previous uploader:

  • Multiple files or folders containing multiple files can be uploaded simultaneously. Drag and drop of files or folders is available, as well as the more traditional file selection dialogue.
  • The individual file limit has been increased from 2GiB to 4GiB. This will be of particular interest to filmmakers that often have large video files to upload.
  • Our bespoke 'Assured Upload' technology utilises file transfer checking to guarantee that the files received by our servers are exactly the same as those on your computer.
  • Better upload progress information and facilities to pause, restart and cancel files during upload.
  • Better support for extended filename character sets. This solves problems that some users had where files with non-latin characters in the filename would not upload.

Pre-release testing and evaluation of the new uploader has been very encouraging, with positive feedback received from our testers, who found the new uploader to be robust and reliable.

We hope that our clients will also find the new uploader easier and more convenient to use.