14th August 2023

Scam site reviews

In recent days, following some negative comments on our Facebook page, it has come to light that people are checking Trust Pilot, seeing another copyright registration site/service being called a scam on Trust Pilot and assuming we part of the same organisation.

We are of course saddened that our own good reputation and commitment to high service standards are being tarnished in the minds of people who mistakenly associate our service with a site belonging to someone else that has received heavy criticism.

Please be assured that:

  • We have absolutely no association with the other site mentioned. They are not affiliated with us in any way. As far as we can determine, they are not even a UK company.
  • We have never asked for reviews on Trust Pilot in the past. It is not a platform we use.
  • We do not charge a yearly fee (most of the 'scam' reports mention being asked for an unexpected yearly fee), we offer 5 and 10 year registration periods, there is no yearly fee.
  • We have never threatened legal action for non-payment or non renewal. When a registration period comes to an end, we simply send reminders letting you know the registration period is ending. It is up to clients to choose to renew if they want to. If you take no action, the registration will simply expire and no payment is due.