28th May 2004

UK Copyright Service launch new web site

28th May 2004 sees the launch of the new UK Copyright Service web site, which now offers visitors more copyright information and copyright protection advice than ever before.

The new site reflects a radical change of format and design for the service’s Internet presence, and clients of the service will also be pleased to discover that they now have direct access to forms and documents to manage their accounts that were previously only available by post.

A spokesman for the service stated:

“One of our principal aims has always been to help to improve knowledge and awareness of copyright issues. As well as the obvious facelift, the new site also has far more content regarding copyright issues, providing an information rich resource for those who want to know more about copyright.
This is the first step in a five year plan of massive investment and development in the service. Over the coming years we have exciting developments planned that will turn what is currently an inherently conservative operation into a technologically rich and far more efficient service.
All company systems have been moved to dedicated self-hosted servers, ensuring the very best quality and security for our clients and site visitors. Although, much of the real investment is behind the scenes, one of the immediate benefits is the use of SSL security for all web based contact forms. This also lays the foundation for future plans for a far more integrated and customer interactive service”.